The Karuk Lands Management Historical Timeline
Created by Sibyl Diver, Lisa Liu, Naomi Canchela, Sara Rose Tannenbaum, Rafael Silberblatt, & Ron Reed, July 2010

“We are Fix-the-World People.”
– Ron Reed, Karuk tribal member

The Karuk Lands Management Historical Timeline is an educational resource for learning about the history of lands management on Karuk Aboriginal Territory in the mid-Klamath region.  The Timeline was created over a nine month period in 2009-2010 by a group of UC Berkeley students, with support from the Karuk Department of Natural Resources and the Karuk-UC Berkeley Collaborative.

Our goal was to create a carefully referenced account of key events affecting Karuk lands, which includes the perspective of Karuk natural resource managers.  The Timeline presents information from about 100 different sources that consider policy, resource management, and environmental and health conditions from 1850 to present.  To represent the strong sense of place within Klamath River communities, we incorporated artwork by local students in the Timeline.

The Timeline shows how the lands management history is strongly linked to social and environmental changes affecting the Karuk.  These include changes in fire; fish and wildlife; forest and plants; land claims; racial violence and discrimination; traditional foods and tribal health; tribal self-determination; and water quality, dams and floods.

Through the Timeline, we hope to unpack some of this history and promote dialogue.  We believe we move forward by acknowledging, discussing, and understanding history.

For additional information please contact Sibyl Diver, sdiver@berkeley.edu

Or click here to read a full description of the timeline project.

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